Friday, September 21, 2012

This collection of shoes has to be some of my favorite in a long time. I love them, everything about them even their oh-so-minor flaws. When I say flaws, it really just means character ;).
Starting from the left... Goin' to Grannie's Boots

 These little ankle biters are amazing! They are a little less red-toned than the photos show, but that's not such a bad thing. I love the stitching around the toe area and detail on the sides, the cuff and the way they lace. These have been very well taken care of and from the look of the sole, I'd say they have never been worn. They're a size 6 1/2.

Woven all Over Loafers
These read true to color in photos, also true to greatness. You could jazz up an ensemble with these. They are braided all over with alternating thick to thin pieces and literally perfect for every season. The outside of these babes are in fantastic condition, the insides may have seen better days but whatevs nobody will be looking at the insides of your shoes. I hope not anyways ELK! They're labeled a size 6.

 Let Me Count the Ways Boots
Let me count the ways I love these boots... anyways. These are a tad darker than the photos show. They are about mid shin and lace all the way up. What I love most about these boots are the fantastic details. They are adorned with lovely stitching and have scalloped stitching on the sides that I especially love. LOVE LOVE LOVE. They are the perfect mix of western and folk and those are some of the best things you could ever mix, in my opinion. They show signs of wear but that just adds to their charm. They are labeled a size 8.

May I Have this Dance Oxford Slingbacks
If these were just a half size larger they would be mine. I love this style, the colors everything. The photos are a very accurate depiction of these babes. They have tan scalloped oxford tipped toes and the rest of the shoe is cream. They have a slingback adjustable back strap. The left (right pictured) has a few scuffs and is slightly wrinkled but once on your feet you can't even tell. They're labeled a size 6/12.

Dainty as Bleep Loafers
Well they are, aren't they? I obviously have a favorite color of shoe as you can see. These loafers are exceptionally fantastic. They have a scallop fringe front and a little bowtie on top. I can see these paired with fall dresses so perfectly. The toe of the right shoes shows some signs of wear but honestly no big deal. If I wouldn't wear it, I wouldn't list it :) They are in otherwise amazing condition and labeled a size 7.

That is all of the shoes I have for you today, until next time! I'll be updating the shop all weekend slash as long as it takes for me to list everything. I've got plenty of blouses, some sweaters and a few dresses as well!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

 New additions to the shop! I've been updating all day, even brought back some oldies but goodies! Plenty to shop from in the sale section and great items all around!

Oh yeah, this is real life !!!

Sunday, September 9, 2012


I have a series on Instagram that I call "boobs" because well, they are pictures of my boob area. Not really to show off my rack but more the clothing I cover it with. Here are the past few months boobs.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Vintage shop talk

I'd like to say a few words about those pretty ladies whose shops I adore as much as my own. Some I know personally, some I don't. Whether we are pals in real life or not, I give credit where credit is due. I'll start with someone I know. :)
Tiffany runs a shop called See Thru Blonde Vintage. I've known her for most of my Tennessean life and she is fantastic is every way. No shit. She's basically the ultimate cool kid. She always has the best boots and coats her shop on etsy started out with the idea of vintage ties. She has since added amazing women's clothing and a traveling mini bar?! Of course it has sold but it's definitely worth mentioning.

Bonne Chance Vintage has been a favorite shop of mine for a long time. Her dresses are gorgeous. She updates every Monday usually between 8-9 p.m. (yeah stalker status) I'm giving you this information because the shop is FULL of amazing items at even better prices ($15-30) and sell out almost immediately. My wardrobe is full of items from the shop. Here's my most recent purchase.

Miss Beat creates the most amazingly quirky and functional aprons along with other handmade goodies. Miss Beat also known as Britani  lives in Chicago and sells some of her items at local businesses there. I've known her for years and she has always been one of the most creative people I know. I actually own one of her handmade aprons, so I can attest to how awesome they actually are. Here's the one I have!

SuperVelma is one of my newest favorite shops. She doesn't sell vintage clothing but she does sell amazingly quirky and fun hand stitched embroideries.  Her shop has been made infamous for creating the embroidered Kayne West tweets.

Murdy Burdy is owned by a girl named Isabella. Her shop is full of amazing clothing, accessories and some eclectic housewares. Her prices are spot on and she updates often so there is always something new to look at! I find her specialty to be a  great collection of vintage novelty and graphic t-shirts.

Alright that is all for now but don't worry I have plenty of favorites left to share... another day.

I believe this to be somewhat of a final destination. I've started blogs before but honestly the whole concept is new and slightly intimidating. I tend to forget/neglect things of this nature. Unicorn Mermaid Vintage has been around for a few years now (formerly Sui Generis Vintage) and it continues to consume my daily thoughts. I love vintage clothing, especially dainty dresses. Here you will get shop updates, general rambling and a lot of personal style love.
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I've recently updated the shop, so I'm going to share a few of my favorite looks!!

These aren't even all of my favorites because honestly they are all my favorites! I'm not even joking, every time I put these clothes on to get them ready for the shop I fight the urge to keep them. This shop reflects my personal style heavily. I would never list something I, myself did not love. I only endorse things I have personal investment in and feel strongly about. I hope you enjoy what I can provide as much as I do. Feel free to contact my via email or any other the other platforms with questions, comments or chit chat just keep it positive!