Monday, November 5, 2012

Etsy Shops I Love

Here are some more of my most favorite shops on Etsy!

Em & Sprout

This shop features a ton of quirky t-shirts, shoes and accessories! I especially like the shoes in this shop. They all have a pretty basic cloth with rubber sole mary jane base but come to life when they are adorned with hand stitched ears, eyes and noses! There are many styles to choose from including these sweet red fox mary janes which I ordered for my BFF after receiving the black cat style for myself. I was super pleased with the quality and comfort. I usually wear heels about 4" high (no shit) so they have given my tootsies some much needed relief.


I've newly rediscovered this shop. Often when I browse on etsy I am for whatever reason reluctant to favorite shops. I suppose I'm too picky in what I want to see in my feed, so dumb, ANYWAYS I had seen this shop months back and loved it for the AMAZING prices and upon finding it again I fell in love with it for the same reasons. The items in the shop are as great as the prices, I should say that too and on top of all that she runs promotions all of the time. I got a percent off coupon code and bought 2 dresses and a belt for under $50 (with shipping). So it was a good deal and I'm sure I'll be back.

The BackWater

Last but TOTALLY not least, actually my favorite. I say that an awful lot I know but I will forever find a favorite. The BackWater shop on etsy is so amazing. Here you will find butterfly specimens, animal skulls and bones as well as handcrafted jewelry adorned with fox bones and mink jaws. This shop has been a long time favorite. I have the necklace pictured and a grey fox jaw necklace as well. The necklaces themselves are well made and the bones are really light and delicate. I will treasure these for a long time I'm sure of it.

Thats all for now! I've got some great items coming to MY etsy shop, so be on the look out!! Also I have a 20% off promotion running right now to try and make room for all the new pretty thangs, "COLDOUTSIDE" will get you just that!

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